Superdrive - GS850-X Drive Pro Sport wheel with manual gearshifter, pedals, paddle shifters and vibrations

Superdrive - GS850-X racing wheel with manual gearshifter, pedals and paddle shifters - Xbox Serie X, PS4, Xbox One.




Manual gearshifter with clutch pedal.

Dual vibration motor only in sequential mode via paddle shifters (does not work with the gear lever connected). Compatible with gaming helmets. Crankset with accelerator and brake pedals.

Gear shift paddles. Fully replaces the joystick: navigation in the menus via the directional cross and buttons on the steering wheel.

Rotation angle 270°. Sensitivity adjustment (3 sensitivity levels).

Wide crankset with footrest system and anti-slip pads for optimum stability. Dual-axis tilt pedals: improves comfort.

Suction cup or clamp fastening system. Reprogrammable buttons to adapt to all types of play. Compatible with the main simulation seats on the market (Superdrive, SRC, playseats...)

Connects directly to the controller. 100% compatible with all racing games (Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo (PS4), Forza Motor Sport 7 and Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox), Project Cars 2, Need for Speed, Dirt, WRC, Grid, V Rally 4, Gear Club 2... and even GTA V etc.

This product is not PC or PS5 compatible.



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