War Force - Adult gamer seat

Ergonomic Gaming Chair Adjustable Back and Armrests - Officially licensed adult gaming chair



Ideal for long online games and battle royal on PC or console PS / Xbox Serie x / PS4 / Xbox One. Prevents back pain: Its ergonomic backrest perfectly fits the shape of the back thanks to its reinforcement at the level of the lumbar vertebrae and prevents all the pain and fatigue of the back.
An ultra comfortable and resistant seat: Its high density foam, 8 cms thick, has been specially designed to support a prolonged sitting and optimized for a long life of the chair.
Adjustable armrests: The armrests are fully adjustable and can be rotated to suit all body types.
A robust structure: Made of PU (Polyurethane) both light and very strong, the gaming chair e-sport is designed to resist against wear, its mechanism of height adjustment "Gas lift" of class 4 has also been optimized for a maximum life with daily use.
High quality finish: Its polyurethane coating is very easy to clean, and decorated with stitching and a fully embroidered logo.
Ultra practical: Equipped with 5 PU casters and a rocking function "Rocking Chair" of seat will give you a real freedom of movement for the game as for the work.
- Adjustable seat height: 42 - 50cms.
- Rocking chair mode with balancing system.
- Heavy-duty 5-wheel base.
- Supports up to 150Kg.
- High density foam 8cms
- Solid leatherette upholstery and easy to clean (a simple damp cloth will remove most daily stains).
- Tilt up to 180°.
- Weight : 18 kg
Dimensions : - Seat height : 42 - 50cms.
- Seat depth : 52cms.
- Height of the backrest : 82cms.
- Backrest width : 53cms.
- Width : 69cms.
 Guaranteed 2 years.